MY FIRST DISNEY CRUISE! Disney Dream May 2022 Embarkation Day, Sail Away Party, Room Tour & More

Join us for the first day of our FIRST DISNEY CRUISE! This is a Memorial Day weekend May 2022 3-night cruise on the Disney Dream, sailing out of Port Canaveral through the Bahamas! In this first video, we bring you along as we navigate boarding the ship, give you a stateroom tour of our deluxe stateroom with verandah, show you the sail away party, lunch at Cabanas, the on-ship buffet, dinner at Enchanted Garden, we see the Golden Mickeys at The Walt Disney Theatre, and watch the ship sail away from Florida and into the open sea! On this first evening of our Disney Cruise, we get our bearings and explore the ship. This is also one of the last times the Disney Dream will be sailing out of Port Canaveral, as soon it will be moving to the Port of Miami and the Disney Wish will move to Port Canaveral!
This is just PART 1, day 1 of the videos that are to come from this sailing, so stay tuned for more as we swim in the pools, enjoy the Aqua Duck slide, snorkel at Castaway Cay and more in the next installments of this series coming soon! Thank you for joining us for this first day, we were SO EXCITED and overwhelmed and just over the moon happy to be onboard and finally experiencing a Disney cruise! Enjoy this Disney cruise vlog!

Welcome to Super Enthused! My name is Jackie and I bring you along as we visit fun and unique travel destinations, theme parks and attractions, road trips, resort tours and so much more. I hope you enjoy the videos, thanks for being here! ❤️

We’re here at Port Canaveral on may 27, 2022 memorial day weekend about to board our first Disney cruise ever and i’m gon na bring you along for the whole process. This is a three-night cruise on the disney dream to the bahamas. We’Re gon na go to castaway key disney’s private island we’re gon na eat. We’re gonna watch shows we’re gonna. Do all the fun things like i kind of know what to expect, but i kind of don’t so just come along and join us.

We live in Orlando Florida, so it was about an hour and 15 minute drive to Port Canaveral We dropped off our bags with the porter and then we got in line to do our covid testing right now. As of may 2022, it’s a very simple streamlined process, but it’s going to change in june. So right now you pull in. You do a kova test right there in the parking lot. You wait in a spot, which is what we’re doing right now.

We’Re waiting for our results. Once you’re clear you head into the terminal and you can go ahead and get on the cruise, they bring your luggage right to your room by the way from where we’re parked waiting for our results, we can see the disney dream i i can barely contain. My excitement, it’s also a perfect beautiful day that was so fast within just a few minutes. We got the email, embarkation test results available. All members in your reservation party have completed the embarkation testing process.

Your reservation status is what is it? What is it clear to sail or clear to sail [ Music ], all right, we’re walking over it is beautiful. The weather honestly could not be better. People are still hustling and bustling, dropping off their luggage, and a lot of people are already on board. Look how cute that is mickey’s as far as the eye can see, okay time to get on board down to guest check-in.

So far our cast members have been amazing. Doing the check-in discover uncharted magic. Look at this. We passed through security. It was very simple.

Oh, my gosh wow look how empty it is right now i know was it packed earlier? It was earlier much earlier, but then we went to open boarding so anytime. Anyone comes in now goes straight on. Oh, that’s! Wonderful!

I love the model of the ship. I’ve been wanting to see that so much yeah, the other side’s open right. Yes, how cool – and this is the magic, not the dream – that this is okay, [, Music, ], so cool now boarding all groups. The mickey ears that you walk through there are the bags going on to the ship right before we board we’re just gon na. Take a nice look at it.

We’re about to walk right on, and here we go, wow we’re getting on super chill with no crowds and no lines. It’S time, hello! Thank you! Wow, let’s get those qr codes or the boarding passes out ready to go. That was a lot a lot.

Okay, so we’re going to f we’re going straight to our muster station. You guys wow f, she said: go to uh, buena vista theater. Look at how beautiful this is so yeah. Maybe this is it yeah yeah wanna visit theater all right, mustard drill, koobali gum feed. I did purchase the photo package for the cruise, so we’ll be getting as many pics as we can and here’s mickey greeting all the guests that gorgeous first chandelier.

I read that the theming of this ship is the golden age of like cruising and ship liners, so it’s all art deco, mixed with modern, there’s mickey’s everywhere. It’S really beautiful this way. Our key should be right in there. This is it all right. Let me show you around the room: we got a deluxe ocean view stateroom with veranda, so we got like a little living room here and let me show you the veranda first, because that’s that’s the main thing here right we had to.

Oh, we had to get. This is like our little balcony of veranda. So right now, obviously we’re still at port canaveral. We’re gonna have a sail away party, but this is probably we’re. Gonna spend a good deal of time here on this veranda.

This is gorgeous. I can smell the sea air lovely. Let’s keep that close, so it stays nice and cool in here. You tighten that up and you can feel it like seal it up. There are just beautiful little details everywhere.

These stamps disney stamps. That’S so cool little lamps here this is cool, so this is different places where disney cruise ships are located around the world. Me that’s where we are now. I want to show you the part. I think we’re all curious about right, the bathroom situation, so it’s divided in half one half is the toilet perfectly fine, perfectly suitable, tiniest sink in the world, [ Music, ], h2o, plus products.

I like that this will do okay, the other half is i’m guessing. The shower got towels over here, another little sink disney cruise line, h2o plus lotion a little makeup, wipe some storage and we got a tub. I like that they give you like a lot of product, and then there are these. I was wondering about those to pull across the shower to hang up like your wet bathing suits and stuff. I was hoping they had those they have two.

So that’s good. All right looks good and here’s a closet, our luggage hasn’t arrived yet, but we put the bags we were just carrying right in here: life: vests hangers. You know the necessities, this one, just more: more storage, laundry bag, safe, the room’s, comfy cozy, perfect to our liking. I i already feel really good good vibes in here good vibes, so we’re on the deck eight. I was about to eighth floor deck.

Eight and yeah we’ll be showing you more of the room throughout this day, but i guess we’re gon na get something to eat and get ready for the sail away party. So we can see here we’re eight five, seven, eight we’re mid ship. I wanted to be mid ship to have the most like stability on the ship, as i could. I guess, when you’re facing the front of the ship port side is left, starboard is right and aft is the back of the ship. Just some ship terms to know.

Okay, actually there’s a fridge in here too, so each adult right, yeah each adult can bring eva. Oh, i bought a ton of water. We brought a bunch of water, so each adult can bring eva six beers or two bottles of wine or prosecco yeah. So we did do that, so i bought two beers, two beers and we bought prosecco. So we can do cheers and celebrate yeah and uh.

My favorite beer, two beers, two they’re an awesome, don’t ask just just, and then we got some white, some white wine. Just just if we want it and then some water yeah, that was uh a lot getting on, wasn’t it. It really was as two people who don’t really know. We have no idea what’s happening. They’Re, like we just came in like send us out there scan that.

Okay, get it done very easy, surprisingly easy, yeah, very easy, very streamlined. Even for first timers we were like where’d, we go. What did we do we’re a little overwhelming yeah but very exciting, and the room is great. This is like plenty like, obviously it’s small, but it’s more spacious than i honestly thought it was going to be. They got like a oh yeah, bunk bed and this turns into a bed.

So if you have so this pulls down and then yeah like sam said this turns into a bump. I like a little nautical star. This is the logo, the disney cruise line, logo an anchor and a mickey all right. Let’s go look for food and do stuff. I can’t believe we’re here.

This is so unreal concept. Art created for the film we’ve got some beautiful concept – art here peter pan – we’re taking the stairs this time, because the elevators are very, very busy right now it does. It does smell like a disney hotel. It smells fresh and clean little mermaid deck 11. Okay, this is where the food is cabana is the buffet yeah.

So here’s like a look at the ship right so forward. Mid, aft cabanas is right at that. Thank you. Oh my gosh. Oh it’s warm out here.

Isn’t it? Oh, my gosh, it’s the pool, that’s why it’s wool wow the aqua duck, i’m riding that thing. That is the aqua duck the slide. I’m very excited to ride that at some point during our stay. Maybe today, who knows, look at that how cool and then there’s like these little side pools yeah we’re, definitely getting in all the pools.

All right. Our first time at cabanas right over here is vanellope. We’ll try that too, but this is the buffet. Are you ready to eat sam because i know i am i’m ready hello when you first enter uh, they ask you to wash your hands at the hand washing station. I think that’s really nice all right.

So, let’s just get food. I guess wow so much. I started out with a little bit of a hodgepodge. I got some steak, some pizza, some mashed potatoes, some veggie fried rice, one chicken tender, two pieces of cod, some pasta, salad, some corn, a little salad, an iced tea and i’m sure i’ll be getting more. I just kind of wanted a little hodgepodge to start with down there.

You can see where we went in to do the kova testing like it was a really quick drive through and to park and there’s the walkway over there. Also, here’s the drink station, [, Music ] get tea and coffee too. I like that. I really like the dining room like look at these palm trees in here. It’S so cute and it’s separated into little sections and it’s like repeating sections of buffet.

It’s really nice. The way they did it, it’s like i’m walking on waves, i’m gonna change in a sandal. Soon, don’t worry, but look at what i got. Oh man, this looks so nice. I got pumpkin pie and chocolate and marquis and she put like a little white chocolate square on top [ Music ].

I love looking at all the like ship details like look at the ties there. I’m gonna be very excited to see the sailing away and we’re definitely going to explore the ship definitely as much as we can see of it. So, while we’re sitting here – and i also got a tea, i love that you can just get unlimited coffee tea. Anything you want we’re checking out the itinerary. There is so much going on and i went in and hearted a bunch of stuff.

Let’s see, i’m hearting a bunch of stuff, but there’s like there’s like trivia music movies, shows just tons of stuff. I hearted a few of the like pub quizzes trivias, disney music character photo character, photo this sand castle. Art shows the different disney parks. We have Hong Kong Tokyo Walt Disney World, Orlando Disneyland and Disneyland Paris, and then they have clocks with the times at the different Disney parks around the world too. That’s cool wow, it just smells so good, so there are drink stations by the pool too.

It’s a go cups, so you can get soda to go and you can also get coffee and tea to go. It is mayhem here. Let’S go back to the room. I want to get in that slide, so bad so up here on this funnel they show movies and there’s the sail away party banner, that’s exciting from here we can see kennedy space center. I can see the the vab the vehicle assembly building right out there, we’re still making our way to our room, though we’re just stopping to look at everything, we’ll definitely be getting some ice cream throughout our stay too.

The ice cream station is packed right now. The fact that they played disney music all over the ship, our bags are here all right. Oh and people decorate their stateroom doors with magnets, so i did bring a magnet sam good afternoon, disney dream. This is your assistant cruise director, annie speaking on behalf of our captain, Jason and all the crew. It is an honor and pleasure to welcome you aboard the beautiful disney dream.

If you have not yet downloaded the disney event, we did it. Oh, when i closed the door, you can’t hear it at all wow. It is time to have our prosecco before the sail away party, we’re ready to celebrate we’re ready to celebrate we’re ready to sail away, sail away, sail away. Oh boy, is it going to pop into the tv? No okay, this is just the okay.

Can you tell i worked in a restaurant yeah. Thank you. Oh that’s, nice. These glass cups uh come in the room. Sure we could have asked for other cups, but you know with what we’ve got top it up top it up: cheers: [, Music, ], that’s nice!

We’re really excited to hear the horn. I know that there are like horn battles. Sometimes if that happens on the ceiling. I will be over the moon. Here’s some noise down there.

What’s going on down there, they’re still putting luggage on board, there’s pallets of stuff, whatever whatever stuff that may be. So it looks like all the luggage is on board. Now i watched them. Take those carts away and now they’re rolling them so roll them out of here. Safety briefing will begin shortly by now, most, if not all of you will have been to your designated assembly station and checked in.

However, if you have not visited your assembly station, we suggest that you make your way there now and check in immediately. Okay, we’re back out, we grabbed a spot. Hopefully this is a good spot to watch the sail away party disney [ Applause – ]! Oh, don’t forget about us: let’s sail away titles, [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], look at that we’re walking around just kind of checking out all the cute little details of the ship looks like deck. 13 is an adult’s deck.

Let’s go check up there. What’s going on wow whoa, all right, there’s a lot of wind. We are at the front of the ship and just taking it all in that’s, that’s a breeze! There’s serve yourself. Soft served ice cream.

Now it’s my turn. I’m gonna get some wait just brush it down there. You go beautiful good job. I love seeing how people decorate their stateroom doors. Captain mickey that’s a cool one.

Oh, we came back to our room to watch the actual sail away after the sail away party. They’re pulling this gangway walkway away off the ship. That’S definitely a step in the right direction. Oh noises have chilled the ropes. Oh boy, we’re untethering from the dock.

Okay, we’re moving we’re moving um! I hear people cheering. Do you hear it they’re, like yay everybody’s out, watching pretty doggone cold? Let’s see if florida see in florida seeing a little bit in a few days, okay, ready from world-class cuisine to broadway caliber production shows. There is something for everyone here on board the disney dream.

As this will be the last announcement that i will make inside your staterooms, i know there will be a lot of children taking naps the screws and well probably some of the adults taking napster screws too, and i certainly don’t want to disturb anyone. So when you hear the disney chime out there in your corridor, you can simply turn on your stateroom television to the main menu, and that way you can choose whether or not you’d like to hear the announcements inside your stateroom. Also, speaking of your tvs, feel free to explore the features of your on-demand tv, [, Music ]. Look at this sunset sail away stunning cheers: this is wonderful. The people in the restaurants are waving at us.

That is, i’ve been the people out there waving at disney cruise ships – not here but like places and now are the people on the ship we’re on the webcam wow someone said hi loud as we’re sailing out. There are people like waving, saying hi taking pictures. We are very close to being off out out away from land and out on the open sea. That dock is like the last point. These actually look like good spots to come and watch the cruise ships.

So i’m making note of that and that i think that’s the coast guard taking us out to see that tiny little boat, they’re taking us out to sea, i want to see coast guard ship is bouncing out there, i’m out there. It’s one of the best sounds in the world bye coast guard. Thank you. Thank you for escorting us to see. That’s it we’re on the sea woof.

Indeed, it’s exciting. I love just in here. Looking out. This is incredible. Look at the ocean.

We watched the ship. Take off we’re now in the open sea and we’re gon na go watch golden mickey’s. There are different shows. I know tomorrow night, speedy and the beast, but tonight is golden mickey’s, but i’m sure that’s not all we’re gonna do tonight. We’re looking forward to a night of i don’t know what yeah we got the later dinner time.

Yeah we didn’t get, we couldn’t choose because yeah we booked it later, but i think we would have chosen the later dinner time anyway, because, like families with young children tend to pick the earlier times, so we have the later dinner. That’S right. I forgot. We still have dinner. We’Ve got a lot to explore too yeah all right.

Let’s go we’re walking through the atrium and we can see the statue of donald there’s piano: music, [, Music ]. There is almost nothing i like more [ Music ] than hearing disney songs played live by a piano player. So tonight ten minutes. Oh, they do open. Okay, we’re gon na shop tonight sailing the dream.

I need that sailing the dream. Shirt. Look the golden mickeys! Oh, my gosh, this is so cute. This is awesome.

I love this. It’s art deco. It’s got waltz right, front and center. What a beautiful theater, all the plush red velvet look at the boxes up. There too.

This is beautiful, as i’ve been to yeah yeah, we’re very excited for our first ever disney cruise show. I don’t think that you’re allowed to film the shows themselves, so i’m showing you the theater the before the show starts. If there’s anything, i can show you, i will, if not we’ll see you after the show good evening, everyone [ Music, ], [, Music ]. That was a beautiful show at first. I thought it was going to be like a screen like a show on a screen and there are parts on the screen, but there are a ton of characters really cool sets.

There are pieces that come out of the floor. There’s fog, there’s confetti, there’s a fire. There’S like fireworks parks, it is so so pretty with a beautiful message. Just never give up on your dreams believe in yourself and just try and bob eiger is in the show, which you know it’s just really good and we loved it, and i did have tears in my eyes if you’ve heard so golden mickey’s definitely do see it. Oh and and also um, mickey and minnie, and their golden outfits, beautiful and in this theater.

So there are two different show times and they correspond to your dinner. So we had the later dinner, so we saw the early show. If you have the early dinner, you see the late show tomorrow night, we’re gon na, see beauty and the beast and then look does look like um sunday night, there’s disney’s belief cool. So you can get snacks here and drinks that you pay extra for and look at the cool popcorn buckets all right. It’S a little bit overwhelming right now, but we’re gon na do a little bit of shopping.

I don’t want to spend too long, showing you everything in here, because there’s so much but I’ll scatter it throughout the three days and just show you that i’m getting today, they have some spots around where you can do photos at certain times. The cinderella one is beautiful, they got the glass slipper, here’s guest services, wow, look outside, we are going so fast and i don’t feel a thing. I was so worried about that and so like I, I don’t feel like we’re. Moving at all. It doesn’t feel like amazing that is so beautiful.

I can’t wait to sit out there and just look at the endless ocean. I used to play uh that game endless ocean we’re going to head to the district, and that is the sort of adults area with like bars and lounges. There’s just so much going on. But we just thought: we’d get like a pre-dinner drink and like hang out and and check those areas out because we haven’t seen them yet. This is d lounge.

It was like, like a trivia yeah, it looks like trivia. Oh, this is cool. So, after a certain time of night, it’s 18 only 18 18 and over uh, but it’s mostly geared towards adults, look cool and we got pink evolution, skyline lounge, 687 district lounge, i know pink. The champagne bar is one place. I very much want to go, but the vibe in here is super cool.

That part was like district lounge. I don’t know where we’re going. It’s like nightclubs and stuff in here. Oh it’s fun to just walk around yeah. It is.

Oh evolution opens at 7,30 It’s a family, dance party yeah, we didn’t see, i think we we passed by it like we came in through here, pink was there. This was in like a corner. There was like restrooms in here evolution and then skyline lounge, all right cool. That’s what i have. Oh, the skyline, oh, they are beverage seminar, so we couldn’t sign up for any of these because they were all like sold out.

But if you book early enough, then you can do like tastings all right. Let’s check out pink, let’s just see what it’s like. So pretty – and it smells so good in here, so this is like a pub. This is really cute and it looks like they’re gonna do some 1970s music trivia. I guess i got the ship up here.

We’Re gon na have a drink at district lounge. First, because they’re gonna about to place music in here, [, Music ] – oh thank you. I love a lounge that gives you little crunchies, all right, we’ll do it. I can’t think of that again: [, Music, ], so good so good. So we did the thing where, if you pay 16 for this cup, which you get to take home at the end of the cruise, you get 20 ounce beers for the price of 16 ounce throughout the cruise.

We got just one of those and then i got a regular 16 ounce, so we just wanted the cup he sold us on the mug, the cup i saw this before we came yeah. We did one souvenir that i wanted yeah. It’S really cool cheers all right. That was wonderful, they’re playing jams. The vibe is immaculate.

We love it. [ Music, ]. Now that evolution’s open just want to check it out and see what is going on in here, oh boy, i hear dance party music. This is a family dance party, so it’s kids right now, but we’ll come back when it’s adult stuff. This is the skyline bar it’s open.

Now this is just beautiful, yeah, we’ll definitely be back for this. This is really cool. So these backgrounds, you see like the spotlights, are moving [ Music, ] whoa. We are back outside it’s so warm and windy. Oh it’s like we’re under the lifeboats here yeah.

This is the jogging deck look at the waves. Oh my gosh! It is so crazy. It’S so crazy how fast we’re going! I can’t even believe it look like right over there.

It’s like a funnel of rain. It looks like a tornado that looks just beautiful wow. It’s most our dinner time, though so we’re gon na make our way to the dining room for tonight. Snow white is out and there’s various characters throughout the cruise that’ll be taking photos of people, but it is dinner time now. Oh yeah.

This is like a game. Midship detective agency – and maybe we’ll maybe we’ll do that tomorrow – is that why i saw it move okay, i saw this earlier moving here. We are in the scene – oh okay, so i’ll wait, because we might do that tomorrow, just a little bit of a line for dinner. They do rotational dining on disney cruises, which i think is so awesome. So that way everyone gets dinner at every restaurant.

So tonight we were assigned to enchanted garden, hello. Thank you! Oh it’s beautiful in here, wow wow. Here’s your table very nice. You got ta find your table in the app.

So all right, i’m excited for dinner, [, Music ], so the ship is definitely moving and it’s funny because it feels like, like a jurassic park moment like you, can watch your drink and like see it moving ever so slightly. We both ordered the lobster ravioli as one of our appetizers. Thank you. We also both opted for the tuna and avocado tower we’re gonna share a wedge salad, there’s a photographer walking around taking photos and since we purchased the photo package, those are gon na be included, and i love that and for dinner we both selected the prime Rib slightly have the same taste yeah. We do good taste, yeah, good taste exactly.

Hopefully the prime rib, with a twice baked potato, looks lovely. Oh we’re gonna get a little. Yes, please. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you time for dessert. I got the warm sticky date pudding with butterscotch, sauce, vanilla, ice cream and filo crunch and sam got oh, oh, my gosh thank you and we got a mickey bar that is awesome and sam got the chocolate garden tour with coffee, creme and caramel soil. Oh that’s! That’s quite a feast right there, [ Music, ], oh done that was lovely. This pretty fountain in the middle everything tasted great the service was so friendly.

We loved dinner here, so we are actually going to now go to the health center to because they have free. Like medicines medications for keeping you from getting seasick, which we feel fine right now, but we were definitely feeling it when the ship was moving at dinner. So this is more like just in case. I did bring a bunch too, but we’re gonna get what they have check it out. So that’s on deck.

One forward. We’ve also opted for taking the stairs instead of the elevator for pretty much everything, okay from one to eight after this yeah, and that’s fine, we’ll do it. Okay, here we go and because we have the photo package, there are also a bunch of like backdrops. You can go, take photos at so we just did that. Thank you, okay, so you come down to deck one here.

It is right here so they have motion sickness medicine. You can just come and just grab cool and then here’s some information. So if you need them, you can talk to them, but if you just want to grab some, they do have it out here for free. So it’s great we’re walking up to the top deck. Now one more to go.

Here’s where the spa and salon is. Oh i got trapped here. We go [ Music, ], wow, windy, wow, just a smidge. Just a little bit of wind [ Music ] closed due to high wind. It says: look at that!

Look at the sign flapping around! That’s how windy it is! That’s the front of the ship yeah! That’s the front! We wanted to go up there.

Let’s have a peek around but closed, very windy, very pretty at night right yeah, look at the funnel nice. It is so pretty all lit up at night. This is incredible: wow yeah they’re, watching cruella. This is so pretty at night. Pools are closed.

People are out watching a movie on the funnel. I love this movie. It’S so good, but yeah beautiful, we’re gonna walk around for a bit. When you try to look out at the water right now, it is just you can’t see anything. This is the coolest way to watch a movie ever this movie has the best soundtrack too, all right back at the room.

We are tired, it is almost bedtime. I got a cup of tea, but let’s see if we got turned down service we did. I knew this was a thing they did, but i wasn’t sure if we would get it so we got some little chocolates and i don’t know they just shaped it into something like a bow like a i’m, not sure what it is, but i love it. They also did something really sweet. My phone charger was plugged in next to the side of the bed.

It’S a really long one. They like tied it up with a little velcro strip for me, so that i can like redo it and undo it, and that was really sweet. I think this is like a bow. I’M not sure what do you guys think it is it’s hard to tell. I feel like when i’m editing i’m gonna, be like oh duh.

It’S clearly. Maybe it’s just a pretty design. I don’t know, but i love these little chocolates, we’re enjoying our balcony and look far out there another cruise ship. We can see it from so far away. You can see like the white caps on the waves, i guess blowing in the light of the ship we are exhausted, but we had an amazing first day aboard the disney dream on our very first ever disney cruise.

I think we both loved it right. Yeah, it’s been great, i don’t even know if we talked about dinner, but we loved everything we had, especially the prime rib. I think the lobster ravioli was just okay to me, but the tuna tower. Oh, that was so good. We love the tuna tower.

We loved our prime rib um. My dessert was just okay. Your dessert was amazing, mickey bar just that chocolate has like pixie dust in it all the snacks everything the service, also amazing. So your weight staff follows you through the rotational dining. So we’ll see them again tomorrow night, when we eat at royal palace and then the last night we get an animator’s palace.

So yeah you’ll see that in the next video day, two is gonna be a separate video, because i have a feeling. This is already long, but i mean it’s really exciting. It’S our first time, and hopefully some of these things that we did help you if you’re planning a cruise coming up, because i know even if you’ve cruised before even with disney things change like things have changed. So much and they continue to change. So even things like i watched from videos from a few months ago, are very different.

Now so oh yeah, the the navigator, the app the disney cruise line, app that you use has been amazing, there’s maps with the ship in there we’ve been able to like you, go through the daily activities, and you put a heart next to the things you like And then you’ll get notifications for them. So it’ll tell you, like you, don’t have to remember like oh. I want to do this at four and this at five. So today i hearted a few things. We did some of them, but tomorrow i hired a bunch of things knowing we’re not going to do all of them, but so that we have the option and the app will give me the notification.

Oh also, another tip is that you do get a certain amount of free internet on your first day, so we used it. We were able to like send a few texts check. Some notifications, like you, do have to pay for internet on the ship and it’s really expensive, so we’re not doing that, but we use your free allotment like why not. It comes well free included in the cost of the ship. Nothing’s free, everything’s included.

50 megabytes. 50 megabytes for the first day, and i didn’t even use all of mine yeah. I i’ve got three megawatts. You used it more than me, but the ships, the app works on the ship wi-fi so that doesn’t count against it. It’s just if you want to like do anything on the internet outside of that.

So that’s a tip for you and we’ll just keep coming at you with all the good stuff tomorrow. Hope you’re enjoying our first cruise and i don’t know we’re just shut we’re just so tired, there’s so much to do, and it’s like when you when we first got on it, was a little overwhelming yeah. But we’ve quickly felt like we’ve acclimated we’re getting pros at the navigator app and and the [ __ ] yeah first day pros yeah birthday party tomorrow. Hopefully we can do the pool the aqua dock. I don’t know everything but i’ll, see you for the next video for day two of this cruise good night.

Thank you so much sending you all a ton of love that was sam, yawning we’re. So tired. All right see you next time stay enthused, bye.

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