More Cruise Lines Will REQUIRE BOOSTERS to Cruise in 2022!

We have some breaking cruise news regarding the vaccine requirements to cruise in 2022. In this cruise update, we take a look at the major cruise lines’ policies regarding COVID boosters. This latest development comes after Carnival Cruise Line has extend its cruise vaccine requirement indefinitely.

If you are planning to cruise in 2022, keeping up with the constantly evolving travel requirements might seem a bit overwhelming.

While testing and vaccine requirements are now commonplace in the cruise industry, many are beginning to wonder if a COVID booster shot will be required to board a cruise ship this year.

Well, the short answer is maybe.

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Currently, the vast majority of cruise lines require guests to be vaccinated. While the specifics vary slightly by cruise line, guests need to be fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine at least 14 days prior to sailing. Per the CDC, fully vaccinated is defined as two doses of most COVID vaccines.

At this time, most major cruise lines only “recommend” passengers receive their booster doses before sailing. Though, in the latest cruise news, Carnival Cruise Line has already stated that if the CDC definition of fully vaccinated should change to include a booster that the cruise line’s policies would be updated to reflect such.

Still, there are some cruise lines that are already requiring a COVID booster to cruise. U.K. based brands Cunard and P&O Cruises were the first to announce the need for COVID boosters to cruise on specific voyages. Then, the German cruise line TUI and European cruise line Hapag-Lloyd Cruises announced they would require a COVID booster shot for all eligible passengers beginning in February.

Small cruise lines like UnCruise Adventures and Grand Circle Cruise Line have followed suit.

Will the more mainstream contemporary cruise lines be next to require a COVID booster to cruise in 2022?

Even if your cruise line does not require a COVID booster shot to cruise, the destinations you visit on your cruise might. Further, some cruise line embarkation points have already begun doing so.

For instance, Hawaii has updated its definition of fully vaccinated to include a booster shot already. Some European nations have begun to require COVID boosters as well. These include France, Austria, the Netherlands, and Spain. Croatia, Switzerland, and Greece have also previously indicated their intent to make the booster dose mandatory. Though, there are no concrete plans in place just yet.

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