Is Cruising Safe During Covid???

Welcome back to our channel! We recently went on a 8 day Royal Caribbean Cruise in the midst of the Omicron variant. Here are some precautions that we noticed during our sailing!

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Beware Dear Solo Travelers

A gentle reminder dear travel lover. Don’t be taken for a fool. Do your research on tour operators credentials first! Choose one with a proven track record of reliability. How? Read on…

What’s Your Treasure?

To most people, “Treasure” drags up visions of chests filled with gold, silver, and jewels stolen by pirates and buried on some deserted island. “Treasure” however, can be much more than that, and it’s waiting for everyone… including you.

Thupramaya: Stupa

Thuparamaya: The Oldest Stupa of Sri Lanka – Have you ever wondered which the oldest Stupa in Sri Lanka is? Constructed in the reign of king Devamnampiyatissa, Thuparamaya is the first Stupa to be erected in 250BC-210BC in the watch of Mahinda who was an envoy sent to Sri Lanka by the Indian King Ashoka. It was Mahinda and Sangamiththa, son and daughter of King Ashoka, who brought Buddhism to Sri Lanka.

What Flips Most About a Pinoy Expat’s Life

It has been over twenty years. A stretch of time, long enough to own a journal of thoughts that tickle the funny bones. A weave of episodes for a Pinoy expat who continuously adapts to the nuances of a language.

Overloaded Trucks – Affecting the Indian Logistics Sector

India is the second largest populated country in the world and it is a market for 1.2 billion consumers which indicates that it is one of the faster-growing economies in the world and thus it requires efficient transportations and logistics industry.

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