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Today with in Extraordinary not Ordinary, I share specific details on why taking a cruise is very safe. Using high level medical experts, doctors and professionals, Cruise lines created top health and safety protocols which they submitted to the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Protection, for approval. The CDC did approve these, and the cruise lines successfully implemented these. And the restart of cruising began and continues. I also share my own experiences recently taking a Caribbean cruise myself. #safetyfirst #safecruising #cruiselines #cdc #successfullysailingonacruise #myexperienceonroyalcaribbean #healthandsafety

Hi, i’m cindy bertram thanks for joining me today on extraordinary net ordinary, when coronavirus came up unexpectedly, also known as covid19 in march of 2020. Yes, it did have a major impact throughout the world. The plaza cruising was actually one: people could not take cruise vacations, they couldn’t sail on ships, but during this time period the cruise industry worked together as one yes, they work together. They reached out cruise lines, reach out and work with high-level medical experts, doctors and professionals. During this pause and these experts actually help them put together detailed high-level protocols that the cruise lines themselves would be implementing when cruising was allowed to restart and the cruise line submitted these detailed protocols to the cdc, which is also known as the centers for disease control And prevention for approval cruise lines also created their own safety bubbles.

These elements are going to be keeping their cruise staff safe and guests safe on each of their ships, which they would be implementing as part of their protocols too, and some of these precautions were actually ones that they’ve been actually doing before copen19 hit after securing approval. From the cdc cruising did slowly restart in the middle of last year. In the summer they limited the number of guests on aboard their ships sailing less than 25 capacity. Also, guests were required to submit special documents in advance proof of cover 19 vaccinations. An advance of checking in guests had to provide documentation.

They had gotten a rapid antigen to cover 19 tests showing that they actually tested negative and the rabbit antigen test. Negative results had to be done no more than two days before they were going to be embarking on their ship on the ships themselves. Queensland did implement very, very special protocols, too social distancing wearing masks, high level, sanitation and cleaning procedures no self-serving at the face. Another cruise lines also required that guests had to book and take shore excursions through that particular ship. They were on, they couldn’t just get off disembark from the ships themselves on their own.

Yes, cruising has successfully restarted, and people often ask me well cindy. How are things going thanks to the efforts the cruise lines have done and implemented? Cruising is a very, very, very safe way to travel and a wonderful option for vacation. The cruise industry truly is an example of extraordinary networking. When it comes to this, i just recently took a cruise myself on april 30th sailing to the caribbean and had absolutely no issues while sitting on my ship.

I thought it might be of help if i were to share more of my own personal experiences today with you and getting this quiz book. I did have to submit documents, including my coven 19 vaccination document card. Knowing i had gotten the vaccinations as well as booster shots also, there are additional questions and two days before my embarking on the ship, i had to get tested for the rapid antigen cova 19 test done, which showed i tested negative as far as the actual ship Boarding it was done extremely well. I was sailing out of port everglades and fort lauderdale. I’Ve been given specific instructions and details on the boarding procedures, masks were required for all of us, and the cruise terminal and social distancing was implemented in the first line.

Guests, including myself, had to wait, and we had to show our code 19 vaccination card as well as having showing that we had that rapid antigen test came up negative less than 48 hours before to the cruise lines: embarkation staff members from there we were actually directed To another line and waited then to check in for the cruise with different embarkation staff members too, these staff members were not behind actual desks. I really felt much safer. Then we were directed to another area of the port area and we had to go through security. Checking areas scanning of personal items, etc, and then, from there we boarded this ship. The cruise i sailed on was raw cribbing and they really had a very special app for people, including myself guests, to use so in vance, actually download the app on my mobile phone and use this to make reservations for different shows dining, including specialty dining options as Well, as shore excursions in advance before my sailing and in addition during the cruise, i could still use this app too, to make other reservations as needed.

The shows on board were phenomenal. Yes enjoy mama mia, the musical, which we had to make reservations for in advance, which i did another was the ocean. Aria aqua show and a third was ice games ice show. In addition, there were other areas throughout the ship with diverse performers entertainers, as well as a beautiful pool. Areas too also made reservations for some of the specialty, dining restaurants, and these are great options too, and also i booked and advanced different shore excursions.

While we were docked at different ports and also on those shore excursions most of the time we had to wear masks if we were taking buses, but overall it was a wonderful experience. The staff members were so happy and excited that we were there. I felt completely safe and the disembarkation procedure was very, very smooth. We disembarked in different times and areas, and it wasn’t that long to get off the ship too. As far as final thoughts, yes, cruising really is very safe, with all the protocols that have been put into place and implemented, and people like you need to be aware of this.

It truly was an extraordinary net, ordinary experience and one people like you need to know about. So thank you again for joining me today. Until next week, i’m cindy bertram extraordinaire. Thank you for joining me today. Thank you and think about taking a cruise

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