‘Cruising is one of the safest ways to take a holiday’

’Cruising is one of the safest ways to take a holiday’

Lucy Huxley speaks to Clia Europe’s new director general Marie-Caroline Laurent and Clia UK and Ireland’s Andy Harmer

First Time Volunteering Abroad

I never thought of volunteering abroad until I got a flyer handed to me with an organization on my university’s campus. Looking into it and taking the first flight out was one of the most rewarding and life changing options I have ever made.

Jammu & Kashmir: A Serene Place to Visit in January’s Winter

Heaven is another name for Jammu and Kashmir, in India. It is the only place that tranquilise your mind when you come here to visit in January’s winter.

Sabarimala – Importance

One of the largest Hindu annual pilgrimages in the world, Sabarimala is located in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. Home to the highly revered Ayyapa temple, it is surrounded by verdant hills, lush forests and sterling streams. Thronged by millions of devotees every year, Sabarimala is soaked in absolute peace and tranquility.

Everything That Is Exotic In New Zealand

New Zealand Itinerary, New Zealand Tours from India New Zealand, a travelers pride and dream come true destination. A country that offers its finest to everyone visiting it be it for holidays, adventure activities, honeymooning or spending some family time together.

What Are the 10 Interesting Facts About Mount Kilimanjaro?

The impressive scale and beauty of Mount Kilimanjaro that calls climbers from different parts of the globe stands at more than twenty thousand feet above the ground. The tallest mountain in the continent of Africa takes pride of being the highest among the other free-standing mountains in the world. Before you experience the joy of climbing this mountain peak, there are ten interesting facts that will keep you hooked to your desire.

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