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Passengers speak out as cruise ships report new COVID outbreaks l GMA

Carnival Cruise Line Waives Cancellation Fees Through Mid-January
By Cruise Radio:

Royal Caribbean to Stop Onboard Testing For International Guests
By Cruise Radio:

Is It Safe to Book and Take a Cruise?
By Cruzely:

CDC investigating nearly 70 cruise ships as COVID cases rise
By New York Post:

Ship leaves San Diego for another cruise after crew’s COVID outbreak
By Fox 5:

Cruise Liners Slip After Cases of Covid Outbreaks on Ships
By Investing:

Where to Visit in Latin America

There are many great places to visit in Latin America. This article discusses some of the best options.

What You Should Know Before Traveling to Tuscany

Your first look at any one of the Hill Towns of Tuscany will take your breath away. You may have seen images of these stunning places in movies and books. But nothing can possibly prepare you for the real thing. Once you experience this other-worldly countryside of abundance for yourself, you will understand perfectly why even the tiniest of these towns has been fought over continuously throughout history. Who wouldn’t want to own the top of one of these hills, looking out across brilliant landscapes, covered in vineyards that yield plentiful harvests for the finest wines? Who would not be inspired to paint or sculpt or roam the hills in search of gemstones to craft into exquisite jewelry? If you have decided to travel to Tuscany, you have made an excellent choice. But there are three essential points you will need to understand before you set out on your travels.

What Truly Is a Pnr?

If you are uninitiated about the entire process of train travel, and to what exactly is a Train PNR status,this may just be your ready-reckoner. PNR stands for ‘Passenger Name Record’. It is a 10-digit number that is printed on your ticket.

Main Tourist Attractions in Paris

Paris has it all. Few cities on this Earth are as dramatic and iconic as the capital of France. If you were to circle the globe and make a list of its most beautiful cities, Paris, with its unique monuments and charming streets, would always make it into the top ten. But where do you begin? Whether this is your first time, or your next time, there is so much to see and experience you likely will find yourself bedazzled and even a bit overwhelmed. Start with these top six iconic attractions: two museums, two monuments and two churches.

Siliguri – The Gateway to North-Eastern India

Siliguri is a sleepy town in West Bengal, which in itself is deceptive. For the traveller who will himself to discover more, Siliguri give much more. Once you reach the outskirts, this destination becomes a traveller’s delight in terms of wildlife, culture, heritage and much more. This I must say is a bonus to the traveller bound north east of India to whom Siliguri is the gateway to more delightful experiences.

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