Boarding day cruise ship tips for 2022

The first day of a cruise is different than it was in previous years, so here’s some important things to do on day one to ensure a great start to your cruise vacation!

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How to Tell The Difference Between a Real and Fake Route 66 Sign

eBay is Full of Route 66 Signs, some charging hundreds of dollars. I’ll tell you how to spot a fake fairly quickly so you can save your money for the real thing.

The Saint Menes Monastery in Egypt

Egypt is one of the countries that enjoy a wonderful variety of monuments and historical sites. Due to the long rich history of the country, extending to more than 7000 years, with diverse dynasties and kingdoms ruling over the land of the Nile, travelers who tour Egypt enjoy visiting several Pharaonic, Christian, and Islamic monuments.

Taxi for a Parcel?

We all know we can hop in a taxi and get from A to B. What about your parcels? Can you send them via taxi?

Reasons to Use a Travel Franchise When Looking for Your Next Holiday Deal

When it comes to finding that perfect holiday for you and your loved one or you and your family, then you want to ensure you find a deal that is bespoke to your needs and budget. You can do the search yourself, which means that you are going to waste valuable time or you can rely on a travel company who will be able to use their experience to provide you with the best deals that you can trust.

101 BAIL BONDS – Prescription for Trouble

Taking a vacation or just getting away for a long weekend can be just what the Doctor ordered. Loading up the car with all the things you need to make your getaway as relaxing, carefree, and enjoyable is just the beginning. Packing what you need could become your prescription for trouble.

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