Are Cruises Safe After the Pandemic? Let’s Find Out Together.

Two years ago at the onset of the pandemic, we went on a journey to discover how cruises were doing in face of the COVID threat; They did good but shortly after the cruise industry got shut down amongst other industries and it took a minute to get them back at sea and cleared to resume sailings. Now that they are back, what are the changes they made, measures they implemented? Are cruises safe now, can we resume cruising? I personally took the adventure and here is my verdict on cruising post pandemic.
Let’s find out together.

Meghalaya Tour Packages – Spend Your Vacations in the Abode of Clouds

Definitely one of the most intriguing corners of India, Meghalaya is a true gem to discover. It is a perfect place to visit for those who love exploring roads less traveled.

Banda Neira

Young adults crave adventure travel or non-stop entertainment at their vacation destination. As they mature, many folks notice the history of a place, the heart and soul of the people, and the unique culture of those who dwell there. Place your feet in the traces where others walked long ago. Close your eyes to imagine their experiences that echo throughout eternity. Welcome their world into your unforgettable vacation.

Hobbiton Movie Set Tour

Hi all you Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Fans! Check it out! I just seen this! Im thinking of taking the Gold seat Tour with the family to the movie sets of Hobbiton here in New Zealand i think it would be a great experience for my kids and a very memorable one..Hope to see all you other fans on Tour too..

Castelo Rodrigo

It can be exciting to travel and visit castles in foreign lands. Often, we can hear an informative guide, or signs at key points in the tour of a castle explain who built it and why. Sometimes, we can have far more than that.

The Quest of Truth in Islam

Muslims Holy Travel is one of Hajj and Umrah travel company that is providing halal holidays services along with the Amazing range of hajj and Umrah Packages. It is an opportunity for UK based Muslims to avail the most amazing services from the experts of the industry. Muslims holy travel is the name of comfort, convenience and budget travel for UK Muslims. Further details are available on the website

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