🔴When Will Cruises Be Safe and Should You Avoid Large Cruise Ships?

You’re now watching good morning, cruisers starting the morning off right with your hosts griffin alyssa good morning cruisers good morning, everybody, hello like and subscribe for non-stop cruise talk brought to you live, enjoy the show good morning, everybody What’s up good morning, what a wild uh 14 Days, you think i don’t know how long It’s been, but It’s been a very long time. It’s been a very long time. We were unable to do the morning show good morning, everybody. What’s up jen gina everybody um lots of cruise news today, um, we just got back from our group crew symphony of the seas, so we have information on that. We did a virgin voyages sailing as well.

It was our first side-by-side cruise, it was. It was uh today is: may 10, 2022 yep and uh we got a packed show. Today we have a cruise line that lost 1 billion dollars. That sounds like a lot of money, with a b yeah with the b we’re going to talk about that. For a little bit also, norwegian is uh stepping it up they’ve added a little bit more size to their prima class.

We’Re going to talk about that all on this cruise news and the headlines of today. So, Let’s run the show good morning. Everybody welcome to the show. Let’s talk a little bit about some cruise news. Okay, all right!

So here’s the deal osa um. Could you guess which cruise line lost a billion dollars? I couldn’t even imagine losing a billion dollars because That’s how broke i am but look. Let’s talk about it, who do you guess um? I can guess because you told me, but but if i didn’t know uh um, i wouldn’t have guessed this this cruise line.

Really, you wouldn’t guess this cruise line and many of you guys in the chat, probably wouldn’t have guessed either uh. You could put it in the chat. Take a guess who do you think lost one billion dollars and What’s up, we have 71 people in the chat. Do not forget to give this video a thumbs up, welcome to the live, show and uh, Let’s hop into the chat, so royal caribbean reports, 2022, q1 earnings. So That’s just the first three months of the year, loss of 1.

billion dollars with a b royal caribbean group today reported first quarter 2022, a loss of 1.2. The group said to continue to make strides and is healthy to return to operation in a strong demand. Environment, but according to that press release, That’s how much they lost operating cash flow, significantly improved throughout the first quarter and approached break even in march, so lots of good news. It says by the end of the first quarter of 2022, the group had returned 54 out of 62 ships to operations and uh.

That’s exciting! That’s exciting! That is exciting, that we are kind of coming back back back at it. That’s not exciting that they lost that. Much money yeah, i hate that they lost that much money um.

Would you consider us team royal caribbean? I mean we like to be on royal caribbean ships. We just we just hit diamond. We just hit diamonds on royal caribbean. So That’s super exciting.

That is really exciting. Now can you guess another company that lost a billion dollars? No, no guys take a guess in the chat. If you can guess which cruise line there’s more than one That’s, it is more than one no yeah madeline lizette says wow uh, one billion dollars. Goodness i get upset when i lose a dollar.

You know what I’m saying is. I can’t find my wallet. Excuse me. So guys check this out uh norwegian cruise line, also even despite the new editions of like prima and the the viva norwegian cruise line reported in q1, 2022 earnings, 1.0 billion dollars in their loss as well.

Last week we reached the biggest milestone yet in our great cruise comeback as the norwegian spirit, the last ship in our fleet uh to resume sailing, welcome guests on board in papiti tahiti, That’s really cool, so they’re. Looking ahead, our strategy is to ramp up occupancy in a dis disciplined manner with the goal exceeding historical net yields levels for full 2023 So they’re back at it they’re grinding they’re, trying to hop back into it um. So by the end of the first quarter, 2012, the company had 85 percent of its capacity operating occupancy in the first quarter of 2022, with 48, primarily reflecting the impact of the omicron variant, which caused operational challenges and disruptions, as you guys could imagine, including additional travel Restrictions, so That’s What’s going on over there with norwegian and if i could say anything, they’re bouncing back yeah i mean they have all their ships operating now: yeah yeah, so norwegian lost a little bit less glass, half full type of guy type of company. What do you guys think It’s still a lot? It’s still a lot smash the thumbs up button.

If you think That’s a lot, That’s a lot of a lot of cash, a lot, a lot of moon moon, so a lot people are guessing carnival. Now i haven’t seen carnivals numbers yet if someone wants to research that real quick, they can jump into the carnival numbers and present that to us we’ll bring you on the show. Um diva says one of our live audience. Members in the chat says that might be. Why my cruise next year so dang expensive, and i think That’s what we’re going to talk about today, expensive cruises, and are you really getting your money’s worth um is cruising still safe right now?

Is it safer? We just hopped off the symphony of the seas, and many of people in our group won’t give names uh test the positive yeah. Apparently there was a an outbreak yeah on our ship, not just our ship, though some other oasis class ships, some other ones ships. So That’s fun now, on a very general broad level. Here of speaking um, i would say: cruises are safe.

Yeah we’ve been on several. This is what that was our fifth this year and fingers crossed we’ve returned unscathed from all of them. Now this is going to be our second oasis class ship. As many of you know, we sail on the wonder of the seas, the biggest cruise ship on planet earth and we return without a positive test, but um hey. We just did our next test.

After stephen sees, as you know, many of our people in our group – well, not many one-third. That’s still a lot too much that i like and if You’re watching the show um thoughts and prayers. we’ll call you guys later, but most people are saying they are feeling fine, they’re feeling good, just little sniffles. If you haven’t caught travel, sprees uh video, their live stream, you can go check that out and see what the experience was. We are trying to bring them on the show.

I think that’d be really cool to hear their perspective here on the live at morning. Show but um we just tested negative. So we will, let you guys know in the group chat that we are negative. Oh, this will probably post that later and only very wants to say good morning yeah, so we just got off the symphony the seas and there was a a large, a large conference on there very large, very large. I can’t express how large this conference um 1500 people in that conference alone in that group cruise and was very, very interesting.

I do have my thoughts on that alone in regards to when you go on a group cruise, whether you should get on a large ship or not, i think you can get on large ship. What do you think having a group? No? No just in general, i think you can get on a large ship and be fine yeah i mean no. I feel i feel safe.

When i felt safe. It’s not that i felt unsafe. It was just. I don’t like a lot of people, so it was very overwhelming for me yeah, so 1500 people. What we noticed was that things that you wanted to enjoy.

This is no knock on people um in that actual conference. If you guys are watching the show What’s up, but we noticed that when you have that large of a group on a cruise 1500 that was a number reported to us um, they tend to take up a lot of spots on the ship. Because there’s like events right, so if you want coffee in the morning, chances are there’s a hundred people in line getting coffee that morning as well. From that specific conference yeah i mean you want sorrento’s 100 might be exaggerating, but at the same time i think that if it yeah, you know i counted right. Well, I’m sure you did but like yeah jen said It’s like it was clumps of people.

So if there were 1500 passengers that were just you know like us and like everyday passengers, i don’t think it would have felt as crowded yeah because yeah they were like just going around in little clumps and little clumps yeah little groups, little big clumps, big clumps, Um, if you want pizza, there’s there’s a clump there’s, if you guys call it there’s a group of people there, all right um. If you want to go on the top deck and relax and like to pull stuff like this there’s a there’s, a clump of people. Doing zumba yeah and many of you are thinking like well: What’s the difference between the ship being at capacity versus the 1500 group? Well, at capacity not everyone came together in a way so they’re dispersing throughout the ship in their own way, which is why the wonder of the seas felt so large and spread out is because there wasn’t a large group of people doing the exact same stuff. All the time which is really really interesting, so um It’s a lot.

It was a lot so dewan says going on a mardi gras june. Not gonna lie kind of nervous. Excuse me would drop something that lens cap is only gonna pops off these days. Just pops off but um, Let’s talk expenses! Okay, do you think, with this one billion dollar loss across royal caribbean and this 1 billion dollar loss across norwegian, you think them, I’m just gonna say, use the term for lack of a better term to stop the bleeding of cash flow.

They are now charging for almost everything yeah and It’s very frustrating, as as a person who’s trying to go on their cruise line um. It really feels like okay, well, this used to cost this much and now it costs this. Much and like i understand inflation yeah, I’m using that in quotations, because It’s just been really ridiculous. So yeah, it seems like the cruises: are not normal prices they’re a little elevated and then you get on board and then wi-fi is 200 and then um literally. Everything is just so much more.

I can’t remember we had an example um other than wi-fi, of course, but it was just like the message just to send messages to friends and family. It was just like every little thing costs extra money and I’m trying to trying not to compare cruise lines, because we did just get off a virgin yeah. So i was like okay. Is this like irritating me? Because we just got off a virgin and everything was included, or is it irritating me because It’s an increase of what it used to be because we have sailed?

This is what our third or fourth royal caribbean this year. So I’m trying to compare from the wonder versus symphony and not necessarily cruise line to cruise line. If that makes sense, no that makes sense. Um i mean It’s a lot to lose in a quarter. One billion dollars right, That’s what they reported in q1, yeah um.

Do you think it’ll alleviate a little bit, not the the loss but hey? Maybe if we find ways to charge for some things, it could stop the loss to where we get to a point where, where uh we’re profitable again yeah like do we fight our battles on this one and continue to cruise and do something we love. Or do you kind of pivot a little bit and start trying to find lines, or perhaps a little bit smaller um that don’t have to rely on some of the? What’s the word I’m using additional elements to which makes cruise lines profitable because their model was built on something a little bit more inclusive, yeah. So a comment that michael says, the reason that they lost so much is because ships aren’t running at max capacity and i definitely agree um.

But i will say that it is I’m not sure at this point if they’re like selling – Let’s just say 70 percent yeah and they’re cutting people off, I’m not I’m just not sure enough. People are booking to get to the max capacity. Sure, because, like our sailing, wasn’t necessarily sold out, you could still book cabins and we had almost 6 000 people on board yeah. So That’s not necessarily reducing capacity. That’s just the amount of people that booked the cruise yeah okay and at that point, if the cruises, if You’re just going to make them more expensive people aren’t going to book them because they can’t afford them right, just a thought.

So we went to coke okay, fantastic we’ve been there like 10 times in the past, It’s fun. Every time i go. I have zero complaints. Yeah um! I do have a comment so some of that, Let’s call it.

Inflation has started to splash over no pun intended to the private island to which is coke, okay, and what cabanas was what 20? How much was it for a floating cabana um the week? Well, of course, everything was sold out, naturally yeah um, but the week that we went, the cabanas were two thousand dollars per cabana. A thousand dollars um the highest i had seen prior is like 1800, so they’re just raising it right, um and what i wanted to do with the group, because, obviously, we’ve been there several times i was like hey, it would be super fun if we just got A couple cabanas if anybody wants to hang out they’re like not necessarily the floating ones, because we know those cost more money, but one’s on like the chill island, because they’re only a couple hundred dollars, typically um. I think those were almost a thousand dollars right per cabana and i was like why are these costing so much money when, literally a month ago, they were like six hundred dollars, six hundred dollars so, and so It’s just like even even the drink package, though um Some of the people we were conversing with on the ship felt that the ship uh itself the drink package, was a little bit more expensive than normal wait.

Someone just said that it was going to be 1300 for the two of them. So we have a comment. Comment highlight uh from rebecca lund. She says the drink package on our upcoming cruise on wonder would be one thousand three hundred and eighty eight dollars for my husband and herself and they’re. Definitely not getting it at that price.

Well, you could take a whole cruise for that amount of money, yeah well something that we talked about previously and then even on the ship. When we were on symphony it was that um we don’t drink that much and even though the drinks, what we’re spending like 15 bucks for a drink and unless she got onto me about it, she’s like these are 15 bucks, a drink cullen, small pivot, uh, the Passion spritz, that is a great drink, a lot of my peers and and the group they started drinking It’s good. It’s also good as a mocktail as well. I think it was better as a mocktail um, but that i digress, but it is after after your gratuity. It is 50, It’s almost 16 per drink, It’s like 15, 34, 15, 68, or something like that which which is expensive like comparatively like inflation or not.

It’s just like dang. That sounds a little a little much um for the amount that you get. But my point is that how much did we end up spending on drinks this weekend? Um? Well, so we didn’t pre-pay our gratuities right, so we did prepare gratuities and so those were going to be at least like 200 and some dollars, because It’s 14 50 per person per day um, we did have 75 of onboard credit and we walked away spending um 250 dollars 250, so that was with our um prepaid, gratuities and minus 75 of onboard credit.

So i don’t know how many drinks that was, i guess i could have counted it up, but we only um drank when we wanted to yeah right and well, not necessarily when we wanted to. When we wanted to spend the money and then we did bring our own wine yeah so typically, though, we don’t drink thirteen hundred dollars worth about right, so that was thirteen. Eighty eight fourteen hundred we’re just going to do a an aggressive round up we’re gonna call it fifteen hundred. If we spent two fifty That’s like what one fifth of the drink package budget in a way, okay, yeah or we could have round down 200. So we spent 50 less like one-fifth and so that that might be just for the people that are watching this.

If You’re interested in getting the drink package – and you really think You’re gonna harden the paint – then go ahead and buy it. I do want to speak to travel spree to see how much they end up spending see with how much how comfortable they were or was sharing that information, but yeah. We only spent like 250 bucks worth of drinks and we were in my mind, going harder than normal. We still don’t drink that much and we do have the drink package. You got 30 drinks once um yeah on the wonder, because we had the drink package and not that i was like trying to hit like a lot.

I’m definitely researching well like like new drinks and stuff. I did order more drinks than i typically would, even if I’m just like chilling out but yeah now now that we’re diamond we get four drinks per day for free. That’s going to be plenty because there’s no way, I’m going to be drinking that many each day right and then uh. Some sorry, someone else said: oh p asks if you can get top shelf um liquor on the drink package as long as their drinks. As long as those drinks are under like 13, so on the menu, the cocktails are 13 correct, so those are all included in the drink package.

If anything is more than that, It’s not included, i think yeah you might have to ask. I might have to ask, but, but if It’s yeah, if it says It’s like 16 per drink, then no It’s not included, you might have to pay an up charge. The difference. The difference. Thank you.

So That’s something you guys might have to look into is just maybe skipping on a drink package. My goal here isn’t to like snub royal caribbean. I love them. But if you really, if You’re pinching pennies – and you can’t do the green package, you might yeah – you just might have to cut back on the drinks, bring two bottles of wine yeah um get into another port or or like prioritize like what what you feel you Want or need out of your vacation, so we were even talking about getting like the refresher package yeah because since we don’t drink a ton, but you know having a nice little mocktail or something in the hot tub yeah all day like that sounds nice, you can Get your juice and your coffee we did. Oh, we did the coffee cart last time.

Yeah. The coffee cart was great coffee card and i want to add a refreshment package because then i’ll get the mocktail yeah right so essentially like ways that you can get around spending so much money um but yeah prioritizing, because definitely because It’s just it literally will be So expensive, if you get the wi-fi the drink package, the dining package like all of those on top of your cruise, like It’s just so, Let’s take a small moment small break before we move into a quick headline edition, which is norwegian and prima class they’ve made Some changes and some updates we want to talk about to you guys, but shout out to everybody in our group, crews that went with us cynthia is in the house i saw was it. I saw jen in the house as well. Spencer spencers are here, tripping texans are here, um miss you guys we’re having fun. Are you guys, like relaxing and everything like we are trying to get back into it?

I mean like we are yeah, you know kind of cutting back a little bit. We did. I didn’t i’ve been writing a lot, but I’m not gonna go down to tangent um. Let’s take a brief moment to give us a thumbs up on the show um. We really appreciate that more than you ever know.

It tells the algorithm that hey we, like griffin, alyssa, we like the cruise content, we want to keep it going and we enjoyed the morning show so share others that we have a show share to others that we have a show by clicking the thumbs up button. There we go so um norwegian prima class. Can you guess What’s going on with norwegian prima, i told you earlier. If you told me, i don’t remember if i told you you do not remember It’s. Okay, uh cancel that, Let’s open it up so norwegian prima class check this out, guys um they’re, adding capacity to four prima class ships.

Norwegian cruise line is sizing up its final four prima class vessels. They have four which will grow to 3 500 guests technically 3550 guests compared to their 3 215 guests for the new agent prima launching the summer and the norwegian fifa launching in 2023. So correctional miami, That’s four additional! So That’s total six in their class ships and all ships are being built by think and terry, which is scheduled deliveries in 2022, 2023, 24, 25, 26 and 27. It represents just 10 percent, more capacity for each vessel and should drive better returns and economies of scale for the cruise brand.

That’s really exciting. Norwegian cruise line revealed the news to an investor presentation as part of its first quarter. Earnings report on may 10. – That’s exciting. So That’s a lot of new shifts for uh the prima class yeah finke and teddy um.

I don’t know. I said it like that, but pink and teddy uh. Something interesting in in my opinion here is that um we sailed on virgin voyages and the same manufacturer construction company that built virgin voyages, which they ordered four ships as well. Scarlet, lady, brilliant lady, resilient and valiant incredible ships – and i have a video coming up with that – probably today or tomorrow, but they are building the prima class, and so i can’t help but feel that is a direct response to the overwhelming positive feedback. That version received right so just because It’s in the shipyard doesn’t mean the same people designed it.

Oh have you seen what they look like yeah, but That’s. But what I’m saying like just because It’s built in the same shipyard doesn’t mean the shipyard. People are designing. The ship so people that built think and territory or thinking they’re that built virgin voyages. You mean the same company thinking territory, they’re, not building they’re, building it yeah, but they didn’t necessarily design the ship just because It’s in the shipyard doesn’t mean that the people in the shipyard are designing the ship.

What do you guys think if a ship is built by a fencing terrorist they built two different companies and the ships look kind of similar? They may not have the same designer. That’s what I’m saying the designer’s not the same, I’m not saying that they’re not built in the same location, I’m just saying we’re sitting next to each other, and i may or may not be cheating off your paper, which is fine but they’re, not working at like Four thinking that doesn’t make sense or when You’re not working for thinking territory. I know that okay so like if you worked for a norwegian and i work for virgin right, I’m designing virgin You’re designing norwegian right. That doesn’t mean we also work for finch and territory.

Oh, I’m not saying they weren’t for think and terror at all, I’m just saying: fema terry’s building both ships, yeah they’re, building the ships, but they didn’t design the ships. I’m just saying they look very similar good morning, jordan gage says good morning, griffin list. I hope you have an amazing beautiful morning and you both are amazing. Thank you, so nice, so nice. Thank you, jordan, gates for the super chat.

That means a lot uh. The price is drink package. We’Re gonna hop into the comments now and pivot out. They say the price of drink package is not worth it as It’s, not even top shelf liquor. Uh, I’m not picky about whether my drink is top shelf or not um, unless It’s just straight garbage, which typically is not the case but designers with the cruise line.

Not the shipyard lou mello huh, fascinating uh. I don’t think the designers with the shipyard but from a i get like an architectural standpoint, but i do think there might be a conflict of interest. They look that similar. I don’t think so so You’re saying there’s no advisement, no, like hey um. What’s it What’s, it called, is it called advisement, no uh professional advice and my professional expertise, there’s no guidance on what they’ve done in the past, there’s no portfolio that they could possibly um present to be the main builder for a company like here’s.

What we did in the past i mean sure, but that doesn’t i mean they’re they’ve been around for quite some time. They have a lovely reputation, I’m sure yeah. Yes, but what I’m? The people aren’t going hey. This is what we’re doing for virgin.

So, Let’s just do the same exact thing for you, That’s not how it works. I know That’s how it works. Okay, well, you just think You’re not making any sense. I just didn’t make any sense. Please let me know if he’s making anything.

I just think It’s interesting. I just think It’s interesting. You guys don’t think, That’s interesting, that they look eerily. So here’s here’s the thing you know you know that um people from other cruise lines probably make their way on opposite cruise lines right so like. If i worked for a virgin and then I’m like hey, i want to do some research, I’m going to go on royal, caribbean right that happens and then they come back and then they’re like hey.

Let’s do this or whatever it has nothing to do with the shipbuilder. Okay, zero things all right. What do you guys think in the chat you think i already said. I already saw someone said yeah, I’m right, you make no sense. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. We got one amanda says no sense list says You’re right he’s wrong good morning, watching y’all, trying to put the babysitter yeah, not making sense grip. Alyssa is making more sense anyone anyone side with me. No, anyone think that when they’re trying to build a new ship, they say hey, listen, we’re not looking at any other ships.

We just want to um. We just want you to take it. No, no! You just built whatever you want. No, i don’t think there’s a building whatever they want.

I’m just saying that my head hurts guys. My head hurts no! No! No! Really, though, think about it.

We are all right, so I’m gonna go to uh my competitor, I’m gonna go get my stuff built. Okay, I’m gonna get I’m gonna get a building built. Okay, you go build a building. This is a construction company. I’m gonna use all right.

I brought my design my design, my own design, looks kind of similar to another sure another ship and they’re like yeah yeah, yeah yeah. Can you can you guys show me what You’ve built in the past like yeah, i’ve built something like this before? Can you build this? Why does this not make any sense to me like i just feel like. None of this is computing in my brain.

It does not, it doesn’t make any sense. You can have the same contract as bill mcdonald’s in burger king, but they are totally different products. That’s right, it broke still burgers. Miss mother think You’re understanding all right guys. So we have 160 people in the chat smash.

The thumbs up button, if you love us by now everyone’s gone away because they’re so confused. No, we actually got eight more 168 people. They love this, so listen vacation vibes, i do think virgin, is making the other lines think on some things, design wise. Oh absolutely! I am that makes sense, That’s what I’m saying You’re, not saying that You’re saying that the person in the shipyard is designing the ships.

That is what you said. No I’m not saying that at all. Let me just let me let me be clear. I don’t think fink and terry is designing the actual ship, but i do think there is some leaning, some expertise. Some professional experience saying like well.

This is what we’ve done in the past. Is this something that you’d be interested in? You should take it back and they build it together. No, i don’t think so. You don’t think That’s happening.

No, okay, absolutely not all right! Well, I’m I’m just saying uh! No! Okay! Oh no!

I’m just saying like have you read the story about the virgin coal? I did i did some research on virgin cola. What’s that have to do with building ships, It’s a business, a multi-billion dollar business virgin cola and how they tried to take over the market and coca-cola came in and undercut them with. Some stuff took some of their ideas and completely wiped them off the shelf. I’m just saying I’m just saying It’s a thing: It’s a thing: google, it google it nothing to do with building ships.

Listen, i’ve got people on my side. You’ve got people on your side, who’s on your side. Nobody, i only have only four or five people said: they’d take your side, but maybe the same company’s contract to design both shift yards. What You’re saying hey paradise, amy rogers in the house, so It’s like disney and universal hey! They have this technology on a ride.

You can build me a ride, That’s different, but use the same technology. Dejuan hodges! That’s all I’m saying It’s not what You’re saying! That’s all I’m saying at all: I’m just saying It’s like this is a frustrating. Can we move on?

Can we talk about something else, because I’m getting very frustrated? How are you getting frustrated because you are making any sense and You’re trying to say that You’re correct? I’m not saying I’m saying I’m correct, I’m just saying I’m just saying: there’s a possibility that there could be some uh some advice about building the the next ships. That’s all so, I’m throwing it out there um for the prima class, ranked i really the ncl ceo had a huge part in the concept and design. That’s pretty cool dream package on sale for independence is the month of 78 a day.

That’s on sale, dang! That’s not expensive beach. Mouse says: Let’s take this online yeah. Let’s take this off no listen! I disagree on a lot of stuff all the time not like this, so how’s the weather.

I don’t know about the weather, mama donald, we’re talking about virgin voyages and norwegian. That’s what we’re talking about? No, I’m just kidding um, so you got any other topics. No, what you don’t have any other topics. No, because my brain hurts what you mean.

I can’t even like begin to think about anything else. At this point, i just need a nap all right, so i guess That’s it guys. We got 12 minutes on the show. Um i’ve touched on all the headlines to the day we got through our our debate of today. I got nothing else.

What nothing else? Do you have anything else? Let’s read the comments. I don’t even know where the comments are. Oh jeez, reading the comments.

Oh, i thought You’re gonna talk about the comment. Um i miss y’all. I came in late. How were your cruises? They were lovely cruises were lovely cruises, were lovely all right, any more questions for today before we hop off It’s quiet here, awesome all right guys if you dig the vibes please subscribe and if you care please share we’ll see you guys in paradise in the next One

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